Sodium Sulphate

Sodium Sulphate:

IUPAC Name: Disodium; Sulfate

HS Code: 2833.11.00

Formula: Na2SO4

Appearance: White Crystals

CAS No: 7757-82-6

Common Names: Glaubers salt

Sodium Sulphate has an appearance of white crystalline solid and is chemically very stable. The hygroscopic nature of sodium sulfate causes it to absorb water and moisture, forming Glauber’s salt. It exists as a natural resource and is found in the bed of lakes such as in Saskatchewan.

Its industrial uses involve Pulp and Paper Industry, Water Treatment and Chemical Manufacturing companies to produce rubber chemical, sulfer dyes, etc.

Property Units Value
Appearance White powder or white crystals
Assay % 97.0 (min)
Free alkali (as Na2SO3) % 0.60 (max)
Arsenic (as As) % 0.0002 (max)
Iron (as Fe) % 0.01 (max)
Heavy Metal (as Pb) % 0.001 (max)
Clarity % Passed
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