Ethyl Acetate

Ethyl Acetate:

IUPAC Name: Ethyl Acetate

HS Code: 29153100

Formula: CH3COOCH2CH3

Appearance: Colorless Liquid

CAS No: 141-78-6

Common Names: Ethyl Acetic Ester, EA, EAC

Ethyl acetate is a clear colourless liquid with a fruity odour. It is also found in alcoholic beverages, cereal crops, radishes, fruit juices, beer, wine, spirits etc. It is highly miscible with all common organic solvents (alcohols, ketones, glycols, esters), which make it a common solvent for cleaning, paint removal and coatings. Due to its agreeable aroma and low cost, ethyl acetate is commonly used and manufactured large scale worldwide.

Ethyl Acetate is commonly used in a wide range of applications, including Printing & Packaging Industry, Rotogravure Inks, varnishes and car care chemicals and in the production of enamels, plastics and rubber. It is also used in variety of paint and coating formulations such as epoxies for applications in wood furniture and fixtures, agricultural, construction and mining equipment, auto refinishing and marine etc.

Ethyl Acetate Specification:
Property Units Value
Appearance Clear, colorless liquid
Purify % ≥99.5
Residue on Evaporation % ≤0.003
Water % ≤0.2
Titratable acid meq/g ≤0.0008
Density g/ml 0.878-0.883
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